Magic Cyberspace Pill

Usage of today’s cyberspace exposes humans to numerous negative side effects spanning from theft of personal information to identity theft. Let’s face it, today’s human needs cyberspace to enhance his/her knowledge and work productivity. To resolve negativities encountered during usage of cyberspace all we need is that magic pill right?

Humans created words like joint, unity, cooperation, consolidation, etc., for the purpose of describing how to obtain resolution to the common goal/purpose. Using my favorite analogy of sailboats one can conclude that truly combined effort of various professions/disciplines can resolve today’s negative effects of the cyberspace on humans.

One human can operate a small sailboat to achieve movement of the boat over the water. There is a multitude of tasks that must be completed to keep the sailboat on course in forward motion and achieve enjoyment in sailing. Now, imagine a bigger sailboat circa 50 feet and larger. Despite available technology in existence today, this type of sailboat requires more than one human to properly operate it. It requires a crew of sailors consisting of individuals with various expertise, from the cook to the captain. When combined, the crews’ knowledge is applied towards the same goal of sailing, then, and only then, can the sailboat be moved in forward motion over the water. This creates the intended enjoyable sailing experience, enhanced by social interaction, as proper communication between the crew is essential for this task. Thus cohesive work of required professional expertise results in smooth sailing.

In a similar manner, human can power and operate any computer or electronic device. When properly motivated a human acquires knowledge on how to properly utilize any given device that enhances his private or work needs. When humans decide to exceed the limits of this single device, like accessing the cyberspace, he/she automatically inherents remote association with a group of professionals who are ensuring proper functioning of the cyberspace, thus enabling a specific action initiated by individual. One can conclude that cyberspace is a large vessel, like a large sailboat, requiring a larger crew for its proper and intended functioning.

We cannot dismiss negative elements that continuously try to infringe on the individual or the entity action in cyberspace. This action is similar to a pirate’s attempt to overtake a sailing ship, where a large crew of humans ensure a better chance of defeating the threat. During the process of defending a humans’ individual actions in cyberspace one realizes that every facet supporting the cyberspace has its own magic pill/process. These magic pills come in various colors and sizes, from software and hardware solutions, laws and regulations, investigative entities, etc. Of course this type of effort encompasses a multitude of professions that, perhaps, for monetary reasons strive to remain as sole protector of the cyberspace realm.

It’s my opinion that the only magic pill for effective protection of cyberspace is joint work and equal cooperation of a multitude of professions toward a common goal of securing the cyberspace and making it an enjoyable experience for human utilization without negative side effects. Is this describing utopia or professional need for the resolution of a common goal?

Only one miracle pill can resolve this problem and consists of joint collaboration and work of: Computer engineering professionals; Information Technology professionals; Security professionals; Law enforcement professionals; financial professionals; etc. This joint work must be accomplished at its lowest level to be successful. Every aspect of every respective field supporting the existence of cyberspace must equally participate at the table. No one discipline can claim sole ownership over cyberspace, that is a recipe for disaster. For illustration: A software engineer will not be able to develop specific protocols suited to a specific need without other human input and collaboration formulating that specific need.

Happy sailing through cyberspace.

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