Magic Cyberspace Pill

Usage of today’s cyberspace exposes humans to numerous negative side effects spanning from theft of personal information to identity theft. Let’s face it, today’s human needs cyberspace to enhance his/her knowledge and work productivity. To resolve negativities encountered during usage … Continue reading

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Humans and Cyberspace

First and foremost let’s compare cyberspace with sail boats as one of the oldest human inventions. Well they are both means of transportation right? SAILBOAT: The oldest recovered boat in the world is the canoe of Pesse; it is a … Continue reading

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Tatinja Consulting

Logo - Copy The Tatinja Consulting, LLC Company was founded in 2014, and provides relevant “Knowledge Management” support to clients.  Located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, employs subject matter experts who support and enhance client’s vision towards achievement of best results possible trough tailored consulting, experienced operational support and comprehensive training and mentoring.

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